Echocds Cheech & Chong Anthology 2 CD Set - 35 "Hits"

Cheech & Chong Anthology 2 CD Set - 35 "Hits"

Cheech & Chong Anthology 2 CD Set - 35 "Hits"
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    Much as W.C. Fields shot to fame by making alcohol the focus of his act, the duo of Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong emerged from a cloud of pot smoke, simultaneously championing and lampooning the stoner community which became the team's most ardent supporters. Although derided by critics and dismissed by the general populace, the team's stature as counterculture heroes was unquestioned, and for both aging hippies and dazed-and-confused teens, their comedy defined an era. Where There's Smoke� There's Cheech & Chong Anthology 2 CD set collects 35 of their best routines - if you have fond memories of Cheech & Chong or are just discovering them for the first time,you've got to buy this set. As they said back in the day: "It's far out, man".

    Check out the 35 "high" lights for yourself�

    1. Dave
    2. Blind Melon Chitlin'
    3. Wink Dinkerson
    4. Acapulco Gold Filters
    5. Cruisin' With Pedro De Pacas
    6. Trippin' In Court
    7. Santa Claus And His Old Lady Christmas single released 12/25/71.
    8. Sister Mary Elephant #24 hit released 11/24/73.
    9. Ralph And Herbie
    10. The Continuing Adventures Of Pedro De Pacas And The Man
    11. Let's Make A Dope Deal
    12. Sergeant Stadanko
    13. The Strawberry Revival Festival
    14. Evelyn Woodhead Speed Reading Course
    15. White World Of Sports
    16. Basketball Jones featuring Tyrone Shoelaces #15 hit released 9/8/73.
    17. Pedro And Man At The Drive-In
    18. Earache My Eye featuring Alice Bowie #9 hit released 8/10/74.
    19. Championship Wrestling
    20. Wake Up America
    21. Black Lassie (A Great American Dog) featuring Johnny Stash #55 hit released 11/9/74.
    22. Wake Up America (Conclusion)
    23. (How I Spent My Summer Vacation) Or A Day At The Beach With Pedro & Man - Part 1 #54 hit released 10/18/75.
    24. The Big Sniff featuring Ralph & Herbie
    25. Pedro's Request
    26. Framed #41 hit released 6/12/76.
    27. Up In Smoke
    28. Bloat On featuring The Bloaters #41 hit released 11/12/77.
    29. Let's Make A New Dope Deal
    30. Acupuncture
    31. Moe Money/Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
    32. Born In East L.A. #48 hit released 9/21/85.
    33. Up In Smoke Commercial #1
    34. Up In Smoke Commercial #2
    35. Academy Of Music - NY concert comercial
    36. Old Man In The Park "live"